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The Early Years

Calico Jewellers was established in the greater Vancouver area in 1976, originally named "Jewelry by Cal", and is still operating in the Lower Mainland today. As a youth Calvin loved to work with his hands, having a passion for both art, and the trades. Calvin trained under a 5th generation jeweller and developed necessary skills to produce exceptional pieces of jewellery. Over the years, Calico Jewellers has earned a trusted reputation among many jewellery industry professionals.

Current Profile

Calico Jewellers has grown into a family business, and continues to produce exceptional work with the integrity and honesty that clients have come to expect. Calico is driven by a solid referral based clientele and we take a personal interest in each and every piece we provide. The incorporation of CAD designing, 3D printing and other technological advances, have kept Calico Jewellers on the cutting edge of jewellery design and manufacturing. To set up a personal appointment please use our contact link.

Customer Testimonies

Raul & Julia

When I first met Calvin, I had about three weeks before I had to leave the country for Romania, where I planned to propose to my girlfriend Julia. I had done some researching online, so when I had visited most of the major local jewellry shops I knew that I was being ripped off big time. As I was considering my options I remembered that I had been given a Calico Jewellers card several months back. I used their website to contact them and to explain my situation. Because I could not come to visit him in his shop, Calvin proceeded to come visit me all the way in West Vancouver! He also brought with him a series of diamonds and ring settings that matched what I was looking for! I was afraid that I would have to tell him that he made the trip for nothing. However, the diamonds he brought me were the real deal. After my purchase of the diamond ring, my business with Calvin did not end with the traditional handshake. Because of my satisfaction with the diamond ring I had also decided to later obtain my wedding bands from Calvin as well.

Sam & Joryli

I was at a commercial jeweller store and just about to put a deposit on a mediocre engagement ring when I decided to take out the Calico Jewellers business card my friend had given me a few days earlier. To that point the process had been pretty stressful. I felt like I didn't understand the differences in quality between each ring. From that first moment on the phone, I was confident that Calico Jewellers was going to create an amazing piece of art that would be perfect for my fiancé. My experience with Calvin, the owner, was extraordinary. Not only did I find him to be an integrous and honest man, he also spent countless hours perfecting the design, teaching me about diamonds, and crafting a piece that left me speechless, the first time I saw it. I was expecting it to be great, but I was blown away by the detail and excellence that was put into the ring. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or are on a tight budget, I know that Calico jewellers will create the perfect piece for you.


In October 2012, I asked Calvin at Calico Jewellers to make me a pendant for a special milestone in my life. He listened to what I thought I would like and then took it from there. The result was a beautiful piece made especially for me and was exactly what I had envisioned in size, quality and price. If you want a piece of jewellry professionally handcrafted in a friendly and timely manner I would recommend Calico Jewellers.

Josh & Ximena

Being only 19 and just getting off a cross-Canada music tour, I didn't have a whole lot of money but I had a budget and I knew what I was looking for. I brought my mother to the first meeting and found that Calvin, the owner treated us both like family. We discussed what I had in mind and he explained the process they would need to go through to produce the ring. Their input was extremely helpful and really took me out of the dark and put me at ease going into one of the greatest purchases I had made in my life. Even with my small budget they assured me that there would be no compromise in quality. I felt extremely valued and my excitement was soaring as the count down continued. When the day came for me to pick up the ring I was uncontrollably nervous the whole drive there. When I saw the ring for the first time I was astounded. It was stunning. Absolutely perfect. We didn't think twice about where to go for wedding bands. Calico Jewellers designed the bands and they were equally remarkable. We recommend Calico Jewellers and Calvin to everyone we know and I strongly encourage you to as well.

Candy & Peter

My husband and I desired to give our teenage daughter a special ring…a purity ring. We dreamed of creating a one of a kind piece for her but had no idea how to go about doing that. I heard about Calico Jewellers through a friend who suggested I contact them. Even though we're in California, through the magic of email and CAD work, they made a ring that is like no other and in our budget. The end result was better than the original design. Presenting it to our daughter was one of the most precious nights of our lives.She loves her ring and we will love telling the story of it's creation. Thank you!


It was a wonderful and great experience meeting with Calvin at Calico Jewellers. He took his time to help us re-design my ring and it was amazing how he was able to incorporate some of my other precious jewelry into the one ring. I felt comfortable leaving my jewelry with them and the end result was fantastic! I love my ring! A lot of people comment on how nice and different it looks. Thank you!

Steve & Trina

I had my engagement ring made by Calico Jewellers and it was everything I could have asked for! My fiancé absolutely loved it because it was exactly what she had envisioned. I would recommend Calico Jewellers to anyone who is looking for custom made jewellery. The whole experience was enjoyable and also very stress free.


The earrings Calico Jewellers made for me are absolutely stunning!!! Len and I truly appreciate the care that was given in picking out such beautiful diamonds, you really went “above and beyond”. Thank-you again for taking such care. You can rest assured that we will be calling you for all our future needs.

Danny & Leanne

My experience with Calico Jewellers was phenomenal. They were professional and courteous and demonstrated a great understanding of my budget and time constraints. The ring I ended up placing on my fiancée's finger was more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for and is a piece that I was proud to propose with. Every meeting, every decision, and every part of the ring-making process was made all the easier given the experience, wisdom, and professional tact of Calico Jewellers. I will most definitely be going to them with all of my future jewellery needs.

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