Step 2: Design

We combine your ideas and images to create a computer aided design (CAD) rendering and help you make any adjustments if necessary.

From the information gathered during our consultation, our design specialists will utilize the starting point information and the review from your drawings and images to generate a computer rendering of your design. These initial CAD designed images will give them the dimensions of the ring and This is where you can provide feedback and make any minor alteration to the cad. Once the alterations have been made you will repeat the feedback until you are completely satisfied with your design. The last stage is to get the final approval of the CAD Design. Once approved we will send over HD images of your CAD Design and a 360 video for you to view.

Design Steps:

  1. Calico team will generate CAD images.
  2. Make any minor design alterations.
  3. Approval of Final Design


 *Two additional alterations are included with the quoted project pricing. Further alterations may incur additional charges.

**CAD Rendered Images may look slightly overstated in relation to the final product.