Founded in 1976 in the greater Vancouver area by Calvin Peterson

We are a Canadian Jewellery Company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and have been crafting jewellery since 1976! With Calico you become a part of the Family. Our passion is crafting unique and exquisite jewellery that tells your story. We don't simply create jewellery; we educate and guide you, ensuring that every detail is just right. Whether it is an engagement ring, family ring or fine jewellery, we're committed to offering unparalleled value in every aspect of our service, from the moment you contact us, to the day you proudly wear your masterpiece.

Having been recognized for his talents while attending a jewellery course, Calvin was hand selected by a 5th generation jeweller to begin training as a professional goldsmith. Following his mentorship, Calvin founded Calico Jewellers in 1976 to provide clients with a distinctive and personalized custom jewellery experience. Calvin, along with his son Braeden, now operates Calico as a second-generation business, where they continue to offer unparalleled value in every aspect of their service.

At Calico, we stand apart from other jewellers in a few key ways.

We craft each piece of jewellery with the same care and attention as if it were being given to a member of our own family. We are dedicated to creating only exceptional quality jewellery, understanding the deep significance each item holds for our customers. When purchasing from us you become part of the Calico Family, and we guarantee you will be taken care of.

We chose to have no physical storefronts allowing us to keep our overhead low and the quality exceptionally high, all while maintaining excellent prices. As a manufacturer this model allows us to work directly with our clientele, skipping the costs of the middleman.

We are continually adapting new technologies and new processes to maintain the high quality of product we are known for while becoming more sustainable. We remain on the cutting edge of jewellery design and manufacturing, and are continually attentive to our customer’s needs.


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