Ring Education


Engagement Ring Styles

There are many different engagement ring styles to choose from, each with its own unique design and features. Calico Jewellers offers a wide selection of engagement rings. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring styles: 

  • Solitaire: This is a classic design that features a single diamond or other precious stone in a simple setting. This style is extremely popular for its elegance, simplicity, and timelessness. Some solitaire rings have thin bands, which can make a small diamond look bigger and compliment small fingers. Others have thick bands, which offer more choices for setting the diamond.
  • Halo: This ring style features one diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds that create a "halo" effect. The smaller diamonds make the center diamond look larger and add more sparkle to the ring. Traditional halo rings are a modern version of the classic solitaire ring, while vintage-style halo rings have extra details on the band. Halo rings come in different sizes and shapes of center stones and can often feature coloured center stones.
  • Hidden Halo: This ring style is a modern style and a subtle play on the halo ring. This style features a hidden halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones set beneath the center stone, giving the appearance of a "secret halo" when viewed from certain angles.
  • Three-Stone/Trinity: Three stone engagement rings have a center diamond with two side diamonds that make the center diamond look bigger and brighter. The center diamond may be set higher than the side diamonds. The center diamond can be held in place by prongs, baskets, or bezels to make it stand out from the other diamonds.
  • Side Stone: A ring that features two or more smaller diamonds or gemstones set alongside the center stone that can be arranged in a variety of ways to create different visual effects. The side diamonds will highlight the center diamond which makes the whole ring look more impressive. Usually, round brilliant or princess cut diamonds are used for the center diamond, but other shapes can also be used.
  • Vintage: A vintage-inspired ring will take inspiration from different time periods and use modern diamond cuts to make the diamonds look their best. These rings will often include designs featuring intricate details and filigree work, and band twists. Most diamond cuts can be used as center stones in these rings. Usually, the center stones are held in place by prongs, baskets, or bezels.
  • Pave: This ring that has many small diamonds, held in place by tiny beads or prongs, that are set all along the band to make it look like one diamond surface. Micro pave rings are even more delicate and have tiny diamonds that create a beautiful sparkle.
  • Tension: A modern style where the diamond is held in place without prongs. The center diamond appears to be floating in air because the setting uses the force and tension of the ring to hold it in place. A Tension setting shows off nearly the entire diamond, so the cut and shape of the diamond are highlighted. Popular choices for tension rings are round, princess, and emerald-cut diamonds.
  • Channel: This style of ring has diamonds that are embedded in a groove along the shoulder of the band. A strip of metal on both sides hold the diamonds in place, so there are no prongs sticking out. The diamonds are flush with the band, making the ring strong and less likely to catch on clothes, etc. Round diamonds are often used, but princess cut diamonds are a great choice for channel settings because they fit tightly together without any gaps.