Diamond Education


Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones which originate from carbon-rich materials deep within the Earth's mantle. The process of lithospheric mantle metamorphism creates intense heat and pressure which activates the crystallization of carbon atoms that form into diamonds. This transformation occurs because of a chemical reaction, resulting in the diamond structure.

During the diamond's journey to the Earth's surface, it undergoes significant changes due to extreme pressure and temperature. These factors can alter the diamond's shape and colour. Once the diamond reaches the surface, it can be found in two categories and locations - alluvial deposits, which are formed by streams and rivers carrying diamonds from their source to a new location; and kimberlite pipes, which are cylindrical formations created by volcanic eruptions.

The formation process of diamonds determines their colour and shape, making them unique and valuable. Natural diamonds are rare and highly prized, and they find use in jewellery, electronics, and industrial applications. However, mining diamonds is a complex and hazardous process that requires specialized equipment and expertise, as these working conditions can be unstable and dangerous.

Calico - Uncut Mined Diamond
Calcio - Open Pit Diamond Mine