Metal Education


What Are Contemporary Metals?

Contemporary metals refer to metals that are not traditionally used in jewellery making. However, they have gained popularity for wedding bands and other types of men's jewellery in recent years due to their unique properties and modern appeal.

One of the key benefits of contemporary metals is their durability. Many of these metals, such as titanium and tungsten, are highly resistant to scratching, which makes them ideal for everyday wear while offering a sleek modern look. They are also less likely to bend or crack than traditional precious metals like gold and silver, especially for those who work more physically intensive jobs.

Another advantage of contemporary metals is their affordability. While precious metals can be very expensive, contemporary metals offer a more budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing style or quality. This has made them particularly popular for men's wedding bands, which are often less ornate than women's wedding bands and therefore don't require the same level of precious metals.