The Calico Process

The “Calico Process” is our unique design process, referring to the steps that we go through for creating a custom jewellery piece. At Calico we simplify our design process into 4 stages (Consultation, Design, Production, & Completion).

Our aim is to educate you throughout each stage and to have you feeling confident and comfortable throughout the entire design process. Our team will combine your ideas with our expertise, and together we will create a design that is sure to be everything you want! Your jewellery is sure to be unique and of the highest quality, because, at Calico, we make every piece like we are making it for our own family.

Step 1: Consultation

We review your ideas, discuss design specifications, and provide you with a complimentary quote.

When you first contact Calico Jewellers about creating a custom jewellery piece, we request that you fill out our Calico Custom Design Request Form. This information as will give our team members an idea of what you are looking for and help guide our conversation during the initial consultation. We will reach back out to you and book you in for an appointment with one of our Design Specialists.

During our consultation call the team will collect information and example images of your design. They will discuss your interests, styles, and desires for the pieces. All of this helps in creating a beautiful piece of jewellery for you. Our years of experience give us the expertise to know what does and does not work, and we can guide you throughout the consultation. We will combine your ideas with our expertise, and together come up with a design that is sure to be perfect!

After the consultation our Design Team will send you a complimentary quote. If you wish to proceed, please confirm the quote and an invoice will be sent to you with payment instructions and next steps.

Consultation Steps:

  1. Fill out the Calico Custom Design Request Form
  2. Complete a consultation with one of our Design Specialists.
  3. Review example designs, drawings and images.
  4. Calico Jewellers will send you an estimate.


          * We strongly encourage questions during the entire design process. This consultation is complimentary and there are no obligations to continue forward with a project.

          **Our custom pieces take on average 4-6 weeks from CAD design approval. Rush projects can be requested but there may be additional charges associated with such a request.

          Step 2: Design

          We combine your ideas and images to create a computer aided design (CAD) rendering and help you make any adjustments if necessary.

          From the information gathered during our consultation, our design specialists will utilize the starting point information and the review from your drawings and images to generate a computer rendering of your design. These initial CAD designed images will give them the dimensions of the ring and This is where you can provide feedback and make any minor alteration to the cad. Once the alterations have been made you will repeat the feedback until you are completely satisfied with your design. The last stage is to get the final approval of the CAD Design. Once approved we will send over HD images of your CAD Design and a 360 video for you to view.

          Design Steps:

          1. Calico team will generate CAD images.
          2. Make any minor design alterations.
          3. Approval of Final Design


           *Two additional alterations are included with the quoted project pricing. Further alterations may incur additional charges.

          **CAD Rendered Images may look slightly overstated in relation to the final product.

          Step 3: Production

          Our team begins the production of your personal treasure. From growing a 3D model, through to casting, setting stones and finishing the piece.

          The production stage is the part of the “Calico Process” where our Master Jewellers take over. The manufacturing of custom jewellery is an intricate process that requires skill, attention to detail, and a masterful understanding of numerous jewellery techniques. Outlined below are various methods used in creating a Calico Custom Ring.

          Wax Carving or CAD design: Depending on the specific custom item we either hand carve a wax model of the ring design or use computer-aided design (CAD) software to assist us in creating the design and then craft a 3D resin model of the ring. This model will serve as the prototype for the rest of the fabrication process.

          Metal Preparation: Before the metal is used for production it needs to be prepared. The jeweller will choose the appropriate metal alloy and add it to pure (24K) gold for the specific ring Karat and colour desired.

          Sheet Metal Forming or Metal Casting: Depending on the specific custom project we will use precious metal sheet and/or wire to cut, bend and shape the metal into the desired form. - The Lost Wax method involves putting the model we create into an investment plaster cast which is hardened. The model is then burnt out, leaving a cavity in the cast. (The model is lost in the process.) Molten metal is then poured into the cavity.

          Metal Finishing: Once the metal has cooled, the jeweller will remove it from the mold or sheet metal template and begin the finishing process. This typically involves tumbling, filing, sanding, and polishing the metal until it is smooth. If required the jeweller may also add texture or colour to the metal using abrasives, hand tools, acid baths or other chemical treatments.

          Stone Setting: If the ring design includes diamonds and gemstones the setter will need to set them into the metal. This is a very intricate process that takes precision and patience. Setting can involve drilling small holes in the metal or using prongs or other types of settings, such as bezels, to hold the gemstones securely in place.

          Final Polishing and Cleaning: Once the gemstones are set, -and any engraving or other personalization is complete, the jeweller will do a final polishing and cleaning of the ring to remove any dust, residue, or fingerprints to ensure that the ring is in pristine condition.

          Overall, the production process is the most intensive part of creating any piece of jewellery. It is where the design takes shape, and the jewellery comes to life. Each piece is unique and requires us to utilize a different set of steps. Yet, this process will result in a stunning piece of jewellery that reflects your unique style and personality.

          Production Steps:

          1. Create a wax model of the ring
          2. Cast the precious metal
          3. Initial Metal Finishing
          4. Set all stones
          5. Complete final cleaning and polishing

              Step 4: Completion

              Your ring has been hand crafted specifically for you and is now ready for delivery.

              The finished item undergoes a final check to ensure that it meets our rigorous high standards. Once our team has approved the quality assurance check they will package your jewellery up and prepare it for shipping. You can choose to pick up your piece personally, if you are in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, or we will create a tracking number for you and your parcel is on its way. You will be receiving your custom jewellery item from Calico

              Completion Steps:

              1. Final Quality Assurance Check.
              2. Pick Up or Packaged for delivery. (Receive Tracking Number)
              3. Receive Your Unique Treasure from Calico Jewellers.
              4. Online Review (Google, Facebook, etc.) for Calico Jewellers.

                Thank you for trusting Calico Jewellers to create a valued treasure for you. We are pleased to have you as a part of our Calico Family. We would be honoured if you could take the time to review us and attach images of your stunning new jewellery.


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                Custom Design FAQ

                *Our pieces take approximately 4-6 weeks to design and create. However, if you require it sooner, please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate rush orders.