Step 4: Completion

Your ring has been hand crafted specifically for you and is now ready for delivery.

The finished item undergoes a final check to ensure that it meets our rigorous high standards. Once our team has approved the quality assurance check they will package your jewellery up and prepare it for shipping. You can choose to pick up your piece personally, if you are in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, or we will create a tracking number for you and your parcel is on its way. You will be receiving your custom jewellery item from Calico

Completion Steps:

  1. Final Quality Assurance Check.
  2. Pick Up or Packaged for delivery. (Receive Tracking Number)
  3. Receive Your Unique Treasure from Calico Jewellers.
  4. Online Review (Google, Facebook, etc.) for Calico Jewellers.

    Thank you for trusting Calico Jewellers to create a valued treasure for you. We are pleased to have you as a part of our Calico Family. We would be honoured if you could take the time to review us and attach images of your stunning new jewellery.