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Triple Excellent & Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

What are Triple X Diamond Diamonds?

Triple X diamond" refers to round brilliant diamonds that have received an Excellent rating in three key areas of a diamonds cut: symmetry, proportioning and polish. "X" being shorthand for "Excellent".

The cut, symmetry, and polish grades of a diamond are indicative of the level of craftsmanship involved in transforming a rough diamond into a polished gemstone. All three factors influence how a diamond interacts with light and are graded on Diamond Grading Reports as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor.

Some diamond buyers prefer Triple Excellent diamonds because they are crafted with the utmost precision, resulting in stones that exhibit maximum dispersion of scintillation. However, when buying a diamond, stones rated above Very Good are rare. To find the appropriate diamond identify which aspect of the 4 C’s matter the most to you.

What are a Hearts and Arrows Diamonds?
The term "Hearts and Arrows" is used to describe a specific visual pattern that can be observed in a small number of round (brilliant) cut diamonds. When viewed from the top-down with a special viewer, the diamond displays eight symmetrical arrows radiating outwards from the center, and eight symmetrical hearts visible from the bottom-up view of the diamond. The Hearts and Arrows pattern is considered to be a hallmark of superior craftsmanship in diamond cutting.
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